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Feb 07, 2019

Project update 31 of 35

USB 3 Adapter Assembly Instructions & Other Community Contributions

It’s so exciting and motivating to see a community actively engaging with a product you’ve developed, helping each other resolve issues. Even more exciting is to see the quality and wide range of contributions we’re receiving. It’s beyond what we expected.

As an open source software project, we unsurprisingly have a live software issue tracker with people not only reporting bugs but also suggesting fixes and porting the software to various Linux distributions.

Some users write to us privately via our Contact Us form and often offer their help resolving issues with platforms we haven’t had access to ourselves. For example, credit for resolving the mystery of XTRX hanging some motherboards goes to a community member, with just a little guidance from our team.

If you don’t have strong software or hardware skills, you can contribute in the form of blog posts, documentation, and usability improvements. These contributions are no less noble than the ones in software and hardware.

For example, many backers found it challenging to assemble the USB 3 adaptor, which we ship disassembled if you order it separately. Assembly isn’t actually that complicated if you know how to do it. This easy-to-digest video was been contributed by another community member, Pavel Zhovner, to help fellow XTRX users:

Pavel has made some other great contributions for the USB 3 Adapter as well:

He also started adding support for XTRX into Universal Radio Hacker, which is easy-to-use software for investigating unknown wireless protocols. However, he’s stuck due to a lack of C/Python skills. Consider helping him and the rest of the community by contributing to this URH ticket if you’re proficient in C/Python.

Finally, to answer a common question: Yes, we’re planning a forum/wiki to make interaction among XTRX users easier and to facilitate further user contributions. Fixing issues and shipping orders have been taking priority so far, but we’ll get there. Stay tuned.

A warm thank you to everyone contributing and don’t be afraid to ask questions and to report issues!

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