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Jun 04, 2019

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XTRX Field Report Contest

XTRX: The sky's the limit

At Fairwaves, we love talking to our customers and a wider SDR community and take every opportunity to do so. From the practical business perspective, these discussions help us create products which scratch more than one itch and evolve them to satisfy many needs. At the same time, these talks are always fascinating as we learn about applications of the SDR technology which we couldn’t even imagine ourselves.

Now we want to share this fascination with more people and announce a call for Field Reports. Please send us a brief description of something cool you’re doing with XTRX - whether it’s a research project, hobby, or a commercial product, whether it’s open-source or proprietary, whether it’s on the ground, underwater or in the skies. We will publish the most exciting submissions in project updates, our newsletters, and other places. Author of each published field report will receive a $100 coupon to spend at Crowd Supply (should be spent within 30 days).

Email us your submission with "Field Report" as your subject line. Entries must be received by August 1st, 2019.

We created XTRX to be unlike other SDRs - to be embedded, ready for field deployments and mass products. SDR technology made possible many things which were hard to imagine before. With XTRX’s unique size and capabilities, XTRX users push the boundaries of possibility even further. Let’s tell the world!

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