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Carpenter Tau Keyboard

A programmable mechanical keyboard, handcrafted from black walnut or yellow rosewood

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The Carpenter Tau keyboard is a union of timeless craftsmanship and modern technology. Meticulously carved from black walnut or yellow rosewood, this mechanical marvel offers a distinctive typing experience. Its warm, natural beauty transforms your workspace while its customizable layouts and shortcuts help you maximize your productivity. And it’s solid in a way that will improve with age.

Whether you’re a coder, a writer, or a design enthusiast, Carpenter Tau brings comfort, efficiency, durability, and aesthetics to the place where the work gets done. Your keyboard.

Built to Your Specifications

You can choose between black walnut and yellow rosewood, and you can specify your preferred color of KaliH key switches. We expect to offer red, blue, brown, and black switches initially. We can also engrave your keycaps in several different languages, or you can choose a keyboard with blank keycaps. (The full list of supported languages and layouts will be available when the campaign goes live.) Finally, the Carpenter Tau keyboard comes in three different sizes: a 61-key model in the standard GH-60 layout, an 87-key model without a numeric keypad, and a standard, 104-key model with a numeric keypad.


Open Source

We will publish the Carpenter Tau schematics, 3D models, and firmware in our GitHub repository by the time the campaign ends, provided we’ve hit our funding goal. That will include a KiCAD schematic, STP files of our 3D models (designed in Creo Parametric), renderings (made with Keyshot), and a VIA-compatible firmware, which will be feature equivalent to QMK and include support for a three-way switch that selects between connectivity via wired USB cable, Bluetooth, and a proprietary 2.4-GHz USB-dongle.

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"The Carpenter Tau keyboard ... provide[s] an elegant option at a particular intersection where no keyboards currently exist — the holy trinity of open source, programmable, and tri-mode connectivity: wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4 GHz."

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