Felton & Mary's BBQ Sauces

Revitalizing BBQ sauces that made people in Portland smile for over 20 years

Nov 30, 2015

Project update 6 of 8

6 Days Left

Thank you for your support thus far and for spreading the word. With just a few days left on our crowd-funding campaign to bring our branded labeled BBQ sauces & spice rub to market. We are still \$5,000 from our final stretch goal of \$16,000 to build out our online store shipping and fulfillment space. This new space will make receiving future purchases from our soon to be open online store smooth and efficient for you. Getting you the products you love in a timely and consistent fashion.

Secondly we got the green light from our co-packer, Paradigm Foodworks, which will be making and bottling this run. They are tried and true in the industry and we are comfortable with the process and their capability to deliver. They will need a 2-3 week notice with a purchase order and can then make it on a specified date and have it ready for pick up with 24 hours of that date. Once the first run of BBQ sauces are complete we will begin delivering your goodies soon after.

Additionally, anyone in the Portland area that is willing to pick up their pledge, we will offer a free bottle of BBQ sauce! Shipping these tasty bottles is a bit expense, so this is a win-win for all parties. If you choose this pick up option we will let you know when and where you can pick up your bottles of BBQ sauces.

By contributing TODAY to our campaign you can become a part of Felton & Mary’s family. Will join us? Because we will need your help. vimeo: 147349969

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