Felton & Mary's BBQ Sauces

by Felton & Mary's Artisan Foods

Revitalizing BBQ sauces that made people in Portland smile for over 20 years

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Good news coming fresh off our successful campaign exceeding our goal by 62% raising $11,370 with pledges from 217 backers. We can’t thank you enough so we will continue to do so through fulfilling our commitment to put our delicious BBQ sauces in your hands before the holidays.

You may ask how so quickly? Well, I was able to grab our newly printed branded labels from Jim at Westmark Industries last Friday. We got the green light from our co-packer, Paradigm Foodworks, which will be making and bottling this run. We’ve scheduled the first run of our branded label BBQ sauces for this coming Wednesday December 15th, 2015. Once the first run of BBQ sauces are complete we will begin delivering your goodies soon after.

Additionally, anyone in the Portland area that is willing to pick up his or her pledge, we will offer a free bottle of BBQ sauce! Shipping these tasty bottles is a bit expensive, so this is a win-win for all parties. If you choose this pick up option you can come by this coming Saturday December 19th, 2015, between 4pm-6pm @ Miss Zumstein Bakery - 5027 NE 42nd Ave, Portland, OR 97218. If you don’t mind, please drop us a email RSVP to feltonandmary@gmail.com that you will be swinging by this weekend.

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$11,537 raised

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Dec 06 2015
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Product Choices


One Bottle Of Sauce

Choose from; Smokey Brown Sugar, Savory Medium Heat, or kick it up a notch with our Hot BBQ sauce.


All Three Sauces

All three of our sauces delivered right to your door.


Felton & Mary's Artisan Foods

Felton and Mary Campbell were a remarkable couple with a gift for hospitality. In their home and in their celebrated barbecue restaurant, they loved to cook and serve meals for a crowd.

Tory Campbell

Oregon Spice Company

Dry (spice) Co-packer

Westmark Industries

Label Printer

Paradigm Foodworks

Wet (sauce) Co-packer

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