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FSM-IMX547 Camera Modules

Embedded camera module purpose-built to stream high quality color images over an SLVS-EC interface to FPGA boards.

FSM-IMX547C Color Camera Bundle

FRAMOS FSM-IMX547C Sensor Module (FSM) bundled with Sensor Adapter (FSA), lens and accessories. Contains a Sony IMX547 color 1/1.8" sensor and 8.5mm f/1.4 C-mount lens.

$531 Free US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

FRAMOS FSM-IMX547 Camera Modules offer input voltages of 1.1V, 1.8V, 2.9V, and 3.3V and SLVS or SLVS-EC interfaces. These IMX547 modules target applications that require mid- to high-resolution with a fully featured sensor and are designed with compact cameras in mind. These camera modules feature unique pixel architecture that puts the light-sensitive photodiode on top of the readout electronics. This BSI approach increases light sensitivity, improves blue light response, and allows for larger chief ray angle acceptance for each pixel. This design leads to more accurate blue color images while minimizing the need to increase blue gains, providing more homogeneous images, especially with wide-angle lenses.

Manufacturer FRAMOS
Introduced Jun 13, 2022
Lifecycle Status Active

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