A Configurable, Affordable System-on-Chip for Analysis and Demonstration of Election Security

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Provable Election Verifiability and Security

CASCADES is a low-cost, open source, FPGA-based demonstration of a secure and end-to-end-verifiable voting system. It comes pre-installed with a custom RISC-V CPU softcore and can be configured and customized as needed.

CASCADES is meant for widespread use in project-based academic and professional development courses that teach cybersecurity topics such as secure hardware design and verification, secure coding, secure compilation, and election security.

About Free & Fair

CASCADES was originally developed within Galois, a company established in 1999 to develop develop technology to guarantee the trustworthiness of systems where failure is unacceptable. Free & Fair is a spinoff of Galois that focuses exclusively on secure and verifiable elections technology.

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