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Designer dog beds that you will love as much as your dog. Ginger Beds are made from recycled materials and support local non-profits.

Ginger Beds was founded by John Acree as way to create a unique and beautiful product while at the same time, having a positive impact in the lives of others. We worked hard to source unique and beautiful fabrics for our beds that will add to the decor of any room in your home. Trying to be earth friendly as well we have implemented technology used in the laser steel cutting industry to create nesting patterns. These patterns will help us maximize our fabric yield and minimize waste. We have also sourced a pillow fill that is made entirely of 2 liter plastic bottles. There are approximately 7 bottles per pound of filling used, so each bed will save 20 to 50 bottles from ending up in the land fill.

As a way to give back, we have partnered with Dove Lewis Emergency Hospital and have committed to donate 5% of our campaign funds directly to them. In addition, after our campaign ends, we will continue to donate 5% of all Ginger Bed sales to Dove Lewis.

We have also partnered with Exceed Enterprises to share part of the production. Exceed is a non-profit that offers vocational opportunities to workers with disabilities and we are proud to have them as part of the team. By supporting our campaign you are doing much more than just buying a beautiful dog bed for your dog. You are helping launch a new brand and company that is committed to making the world a little bit better, one dog bed at a time. Thank you for your support!

Premiums & Pledge Levels

I believe in you! ($1)

If you don't have a dog but you love our story, you can pledge any amount of money to our campaign. Any pledge of $50 or more will receive a Ginger Beds t-shirt!

Baby Bed ($160)

Our Baby Bed is approximately 24" round and is perfect for any smaller-sized breed dog. Choose from eight exciting fabrics. All prices include domestic shipping charges.

Mama Bed ($225)

Our Mama Bed is approximately 36" round and is perfect for any medium-sized breed dog. Choose from eight exciting fabrics. All prices include domestic shipping charges.

Big Daddy ($300)

Our Big Daddy Bed is approximately 48" round and is perfect for any large-sized breed dog. Choose from eight exciting fabrics. All prices include domestic shipping charges.

Additional Cover ($85 - $200)

Get an extra cover to give your Ginger Bed more design options. Covers for the Baby Beds are $85, Mama Bed, $125 and the Big Daddy additional cover is $200. All prices include domestic shipping charges.

See the “International Shipping” section below for international shipping fees.

For all of our local Portlanders, we would like to offer a discount to your Ginger Bed if you are willing to swing by and pick up your bed personally. This discount will be applied at the end of the campaign before your credit card is charged.

Product Specifications

We have 3 different sized beds available in 8 beautiful fabric options:

The Baby Bed is 24”, the Mama Bed is 36” and the Big Daddy Bed is 48”. All sizes are approximate and will vary slightly as these are handcrafted one at a time.

The Patterns

Ginger Beds fabric grid
Starting from the top reading left to right: Coral Reef, Daisy, Fiori, Intersection, Linked (Ebony), Linked (Tangerine), Maze and Petals.

The beds are made in a donut style with a removable center pillow. The “Linked” patterns are available with a alternate solid fabric on the flip side of the center pillow. The covers are zipper enclosed and can be removed for easy washing. The covers can be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle and line dried. They should not be dried in the drier. The filling used in our pillows is made entirely from 2” liter plastic bottles and the center pillow is channeled. Channeling is a process where pockets are sewn into the pillow so the fill will stay in place and not move to the edges of the pillow.

International Shipping

We want Ginger Beds to be available to people all over the world so we are offering Ginger Beds internationally. Because of the wide variance of shipping prices when shipping internationally, we have built the below table. Please find the relevant price based off of your country and Ginger Bed selection. Then, in addition to your desired Ginger Bed pledge, make a “I believe in you” pledge and adjust the quantity desired to the number provided to you in the table.

Country Baby Bed Mama Bed Big Daddy Bed
Argentina $288 $340 $340
Australia $155 $340 $340
Brazil $215 $340 $340
Canada $35 $115 $115
France $42 $315 $315
Germany $42 $315 $315
Hong Kong $56 $340 $340
India $185 $340 $340
Israel $175 $340 $340
Italy $43 $325 $325
Japan $47 $340 $340
Mexico $75 $300 $300
Netherlands $41 $315 $315
Russian Federation $65 $330 $330
Singapore $135 $340 $340
South Africa $270 $340 $340
Spain $43 $320 $320
Sweden $43 $320 $320
Switzerland $43 $320 $320
United Kingdom $55 $305 $305

If your country or region is not listed above please contact us using the link at the bottom of the page and we will provide you with a custom quote.

Manufacturing Plan

All of our beds will be fabricated at Thimble, which is our Portland based workroom. We have partnered with Exceed Enterprises who will be cutting out the fabric patterns for all of the beds. In addition they will be filling marked bags with a predetermined amount of filling for the pillows. These materials will be brought back into Thimble for the sewing of the patterns and final assembly.

Ginger and Enzo in their beds

Risks & Challenges

At times the supply of fabrics can be hampered by what the mill is producing. We have sourced our fabrics from a variety of different mills to mitigate the risk of relying on one mill. The biggest risk is that due to popularity, a fabric could become back-order because we need to order more than what they have on hand. In those circumstances we have to wait until they produce more of the fabric. Should that occur, we will be in in communication with any effected supporters.

The Ginger Bed Story

John Acree and his adorable bulldog, Ginger, founded Ginger Beds based in Portland, Oregon. John manages all aspects of operations for the company and Ginger is our lead product tester. As anyone who owns a bulldog will tell you, they know exactly what they like and are not afraid to make that known! That said, we couldn’t ask for a more exacting product tester than her.

Ginger loves her Ginger Bed

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us. By supporting our campaign you are helping to launch a brand that is designed to make a difference. Please help us in spreading the word by sharing our campaign via Facebook and Twitter, or following us on Instagram or with anyone else who you think might be interested.

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“Designer dogs beds that are designed to make a difference.”

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“Colorful designer pet beds made with recycled materials in Portland.”

Enzo getting in a snooze on his Ginger Bed

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Ginger Beds

Ginger Beds are made in Portland, Oregon and our goal is to create beautiful dog beds that make the world a better place.


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