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Mar 28, 2016

Project update 4 of 5

Demo #3: Use USB C-Thru to Explore USB PD Solution on an FPGA Setup

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USB Type-C is a new connector technology that, along with USB Power Delivery (USB PD), has literally stormed the market. This is because almost all tech-giants are backing this new technology, and most of them have already released or are ready to release. Such fast adoption of this technology was also due to the fact that this technology were made available on existing microcontrollers, or with FPGAs for early adapters.

USB PD uses USB Type-C port’s Configuration Channel (CC) signal line as a medium of transport for its power negotiations and alternate modes. The USB PD physical layer uses Biphase Mark Coding (BMC) to transfer data over this CC signal line.

Back us and use USB C-Thru to explore USB PD solution on an FPGA setup as shown below, and for more details write to us.

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