USB C-thru: Open USB Type-C/PD Probe

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Apr 04, 2016

Campaign Conclusion

To all those who backed the USB C-thru campaign, we thank you for your support.

Unfortunately we didn’t reach our funding goal on time. It looks like we need to do some re-strategizing on this product. We learned a lot from this campaign, and will be taking all that information into account (along with your feedback) moving forward.

That being said - we are continuing to build USB Type-C products and designs. We are also planning to run a small batch production run of USB C-Thru. We recently tested USB C-Thru at Granite River Labs in an EMCA test setup for clean eye and quality.

If you are interested in the test results or more information, email us at

The following products are production-ready:

  • USB C-Thru
  • USB Type-C/PD Protocol Analyzer
  • USB Type-C Exerciser Basic

Thanks again to all those who supported the USB C-thru campaign!


$2,015 raised

of $5,000 goal

Funding Unsuccessful

Apr 01 2016






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