Lime AC Case

An active-cooling aluminum enclosure for the LimeSDR product family

Nov 14, 2019

Project update 2 of 11

Micro USB version intention collection [SURVEY]

Since the campaign launched, we have received some questions about a case for the Micro USB version. (This full-size LimeSDR was available during the original campaign, but is no longer being manufactured.)

To start a production run at an acceptable price requires the minimum number of products. This why we didn’t offer a Micro USB case pledge level initially, due to its limited availability.

If we could confirm interest in more than 20 pre-orders, we could start a production run at the same price as the Type-A version case, or 30% expansive between 10 and 20.

Here is the survey. Please join the survey if you want us to make the Micro USB version alive. This survey will end on Nov 25th, so that we can still have time to list the Micro USB pledge level.

HackGadgets Team

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