Lime AC Case

An Active Cooling, Aluminum Enclosure For LimeSDR

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The Lime Active Cooling (AC) case is designed for LimeSDR users who want to better manage the heat generated by the LimeSDR family devices. The case will improve the overall working environment and protect the PCB from damage.


  1. All major chips are connected to the case by 1 mm thick thermal silica
  2. Active cooling (optional, with fan)
  3. Fully shielded - the vulnerable USB socket is especially protected
  4. Compatible with both LimeSDR Mini v1.1 and v1.2
  5. Compatible with LimeSDR USB Type-A (prototyping in progress)

In Progress

We have finished the design for a Lime AC Case for the LimeSDR Mini. We are currently working on the final design for the case for the LimeSDR USB Type-A. Both size cases will be available for order during this campaign.

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