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A tiny, open source, Arduino-compatible ATmega1284P dev board with USB Type-C for programming and power

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Tiny1284P is a development board based on the ATmega1284P that uses a USB Type-C connector for programming and power. It is a huge upgrade from other similarly-sized boards that use the ATmega328, with 4 times more flash, 8 times more RAM, and 4 times more EEPROM. You can use it for anything that the ATmega328 was too small for, in the same form factor, with better connectivity through USB Type-C.

While there are other ATmega1284P development boards out there, this one stands apart because it has ease of use in mind. It is based on the popular Arduino UNO platform and will integrate seamlessly into it. It is made with 0805 SMD parts on purpose, because they are easily hand soldered without the need for a reflow oven.

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Tiny1284P is part of Microchip Get Launched

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"The Tiny1284P can easily be used for projects that the ATmega328 is probably too small for, even within the same form factor. The presence of the USB Type-C in the Tiny1284P also implies better connectivity for those working on Atmega328-based boards."

About the Team

Hayri Uygur

Bulgaria  ·   youtube.com/channel/UCUmCZoMcWxP52QOVUZDohQA

I have been into electronics for over 40 years now, but back then it was more difficult to make complex electronics. After several years of not doing much in the field I discovered the Arduino UNO and the rest was history, so to speak.

Hayri Uygur

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