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A kite-balloon offering quiet, long-term flight for videography, communications, and meteorology.

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Ending Soon

Thanks to everyone who has supported Airpup so far— we’re 95% of the way to making Airpup a reality.

This the last chance to buy Airpup at \$499 instead of \$650, or rent Airpup for a week for \$99. Rentals will close at the end of this campaign and may not return.

All campaign backers get help finding a local helium supplier, but you have to join now.

Does your Airpup have a tether?

Add a winder, flying line, and gloves for your Airpup for $50.

This flat winder is extremely portable and prevents line twist. Kevlar-lined goatskin gloves give you the smoothest line control and the highest level of safety.

Tell me about your projects

An extra special thank you to everyone who has e-mailed me with their Airpup project ideas— all of you antenna-lifters, event videographers, LoRa fliers, and ortho-photographers give me so much inspiration! Whether you can buy Airpup now or are just thinking about it, reach out! I want to hear about your project.

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of $8,000 goal

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Head Full of Air LLC

Mathew Lippincott created Head Full of Air LLC to further his passion for low-cost kite and balloon flight systems and open hardware. Through Head Full of Air, Mathew has created learning resources for NSF- add NASA- funded educational projects as well as led public workshops.

Mathew Lippincott

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