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We Are Live!

by Jaap de Dood

Some years ago, we set out to develop the best single-board solution for our good friend Professor Hill’s engineering classes. Many designs, ideas and features came and went, but soon enough, everything started converging toward the design you see on this page today. Soon, people like Jeff, another friend, started designing and 3D-printing incredible little 3DoT robots like the ones you see in the 3DoT Crowd Supply video. It was clear we should release this to the public, so, after a lot refinement, testing, and documentation… Here it is!

We hope to do more than just release the 3DoT Board, which is why we also released and are actively developing the mobile app and library to go with it. This should speed up the development process even more, and let anyone get started programming and controlling robots they develop.

A huge thank you to everyone who has shown interest or offered encouragement so far. The 3DoT, shields and accessories are at their lowest cost right now, as we are able to order them all at once for the campaign. So make sure to back the 3DoT on Crowd Supply now!

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Jaap de Dood

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Product Choices


3DoT Board

Includes 600 mAh rechargeable battery.


3DoT: Accessories Kit

Our collection of must-have accessories for small robots. Includes 2x micro metal gearmotors, 200 RPM, 2x mini wheels, 2x micro servos, 2x 3DoT Protoboard shields. 3DoT board NOT included.


3DoT: Shields Kit

A pack of all of our favorite shields. Includes: 1x servo expansion shield, 1x infrared sensor shield, 1x inductive sensing shield, 1x GPIO expansion shield, 1x 128 x 64 OLED, 1x 64 x 32 OLED. 3DoT board NOT included.


3DoT: Chassis Kit

Get up and running immediately with a full chassis kit! Includes: 1x laser-cut wood chassis designed for 3DoT, 3D-printed gears, wheels, and flexible tires, 1x 3D-printed ball caster holder, and all the nuts, bolts, and other hardware required for assembly. 3DoT board NOT included.


Humans For Robots

At Humans for Robots, we love building robots, and we have many many years of collective experience in doing so. We aim to build a community of people building their own robots in new and creative ways.

Jaap de Dood

Jeff Gomes

Gary Hill

Mike Hill

bryan mehr

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