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The 3DoT Board is the brain, power, and controller of any robot - all on a 35 x 70 mm PCB. Plug your motors and servos directly into the board, and a smart, current-limited power circuit allows it to drive everything from the on-board rechargeable battery. Bluetooth connectivity even allows you control your robot directly and/or make your phone part of the robot.

3DoT Board will get your robots up and running with less hassle and cost than any other platform.

Power On-board

No need to purchase a separate battery charger. The 3DoT Board automatically charges the on-board battery to a safe level through USB.

The on-board battery can power most small robots continuously running for about 30 minutes. Since the battery is charged while USB is plugged in for programming, we find we never have to worry about battery life while developing. Combined with being able to send debug messages over Bluetooth, this really makes the development process a much more pleasant experience.

A robot charging

Custom Software

As soon as you receive the board, you can start driving robots from your phone using the open-source iOS/Android app developed specifically for 3DoT.

The mobile app also contains some really cool features such as Community Mode and custom control widgets. In Community Mode, your phone is attached to the robot, and by utilizing the phone’s cameras and Bluetooth connection to the 3DoT Board, you can control your robot from a computer anywhere in the world.

To go further, you can program the board using the popular Arduino IDE using the 3DoT Arduino library to help you get started. The library also allows you to write code to interface with controls on the mobile app.

Advanced users can, of course, also use any AVR tool of their choosing.

Designed for Makers

We have built many robots using the 3DoT Board ourselves, and it has been used at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) Electrical Engineering classes for two semesters. In the process, we have been able to refine our design to be reliable and suitable for every level of maker.

The board is OSHWA certified open source hardware and all software is open source with GPL licensing. We encourage you to check out the schematics to build your own shields or other add-ons! Share your hacks in our Discord channel.



The 3DoT Board is difficult to compare, as there are not many boards specifically designed for robots. The most common solution is to use a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino wired to breakout boards. If you need a ton of processing power or other specialized features, this may be the way to go, but we don’t think most robots need this.

Below is a comparison chart:

The 3DoT BoardRaspberry Pi 4Arduino Nano 33 BLEDFRobot Romeo BLE Mini
MicrocontrollerATmega32U4 Broadcom BCM2711 nRF52840 ATmega328P
Operating Voltage5.5 V, 3.3 V 5 V 3.3 V 5 V
Flash Memory32 KB SD card 1 MB 32 KB
SPI, I²C, UARTYes Yes Yes I²C, UART, no SPI
IO Available9 digital, 5 analog 40 digital 14 digital, 8 analog 8 digital, 4 analog
Dual Motor DriverYes No No Yes
Servo ConnectorsYes No No Yes
BluetoothBLE 5.0 BLE 5.0 BLE 5.0 BLE 4.0
Battery ChargingYes No No No
Battery Power ManagementYes No No No
Extra Parts Needed to Match FunctionalityMotor shield, 3 jumper cables for servo, battery management, USB cable, LiPo battery Headers, connectors, motor driver shield, battery charger, battery boost, LiPo battery, wiring, soldering Battery management, LiPo battery, wiring
Size70 x 35 x 14 mm 85 x 56 x 16 mm + motor shield + battery breakout + battery 45 x 18 x 11 mm + connector shield + motor breakout + battery charger + battery boost + battery 45 × 38.5 mm + battery breakout + battery
Total Configured Cost$49 (US shipping included) $105 $65 $51


Here is a gallery of robots made with the 3DoT board to help inspire you to greatness.

Build-a-block robot:

Goliath towing robot:

Paperbot robot:

You can see more robots built with 3DoT in action here:


3DoT Board


Accessories Kit

Our collection of must-have accessories for small robots. Includes:

Shields Kit

Get all of our favorite shields. Shields plug into the top or front headers on the board to add features to your robot. Includes:

Chassis Kit

The chassis is designed for 3DoT and its accessories and shields. Includes:

Support & Documentation

Upon receiving your 3DoT, scan the QR Code on the board to open up the 3DoT Documentation Site.

Here, you can find a simple "Getting Started" guide, all the 3DoT info you need, and the source files.

We are also always hanging out in our Discord channel, which is a great place to get quick answers to any questions you may have and discuss your robot projects with other members.

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"Specifically built for robot projects the 3DoT Board has been created to provide your robot with brain, power, and the controller in one small board measuring just 35 x 70 mm in size."


"A kind of amazing little board!"

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Produced by Humans For Robots in Huntington Beach, CA.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

3DoT Board

Includes 600 mAh rechargeable battery.

$49 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

3DoT: Accessories Kit

Our collection of must-have accessories for small robots. Includes 2x micro metal gearmotors, 200 RPM, 2x mini wheels, 2x micro servos, 2x 3DoT Protoboard shields. 3DoT board NOT included.

$30 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

3DoT: Shields Kit

A pack of all of our favorite shields. Includes: 1x servo expansion shield, 1x infrared sensor shield, 1x inductive sensing shield, 1x GPIO expansion shield, 1x 128 x 64 OLED, 1x 64 x 32 OLED. 3DoT board NOT included.

$60 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

3DoT: Chassis Kit

Get up and running immediately with a full chassis kit! Includes: 1x laser-cut wood chassis designed for 3DoT, 3D-printed gears, wheels, and flexible tires, 1x 3D-printed ball caster holder, and all the nuts, bolts, and other hardware required for assembly. 3DoT board NOT included.

$60 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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At Humans for Robots, we love building robots, and we have many many years of collective experience in doing so. We aim to build a community of people building their own robots in new and creative ways.

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