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Jul 27, 2017

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Do I need Husarion Cloud to use CORE2?

One question we frequently hear is "do I need Husarion Cloud to use CORE2?”. The answer is simple: "no, don’t worry, we’ll provide offline development tools as well."

To this end, we created a “Husarion extension” for Visual Studio Code that prepares the development environment for you, installs the toolchain, and downloads the SDK. This lets you develop code for your robot completely offline.

Installing and using “Husarion extension” is straightforward:

  1. download the Visual Studio Code
  2. install the Husarion extension
  3. write code and flash CORE2 using USB cable

If you’re a user of Emacs, Vim, Eclipse, or any other code editor or IDE, you can download our SDK and configure your favorite development environment as well.

So why did we create the Husarion cloud? To make building and managing your robots as easy as possible, thanks to:

  1. web IDE & remote firmware update
  2. all your robots are listed in a single place
  3. easily host and create a web UI for your robot (especially useful in development of telepresence robots)
  4. easily sharing your robot with other Husarion cloud users or simply through a link (in this case, people who open a link can control a robot through a web UI)

If you still have any questions regarding our offline and online development tools, don’t hesitate to ask.

Dominik and the Husarion Team

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