BlueIO832 Mini

A powerful, no-code, app-enabled Bluetooth data communication system based on the NordicĀ® nRF52832 SoC

Feb 07, 2023

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iOS Apps Now Available

by Hoan

Hello backers,

Thank you your support! With this update, we’d like to inform you there are two new apps available now at Apple’s App Store and Google Play: BlueIOTerm and BlueIOSigCap.

BlueIOTerm is a terminal program similar to one you would typically use on a PC. It allows setting up UART configuration for data capture to save data that comes over UART to BLE. This allows you to use your tablet or smart phone as a terminal without needing a PC.

BlueIOSigCap is a signal capture application. It configures the BlueIO board’s three ADC pins and six digital pins to read the signal on them and send it to an app for display. You can configure BlueIOSigCap to read any or all of the pins. The ADC can read voltages up to 5 V.

Thanks again for your support,

from BlueIO team

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Key Components

NRF52832-QFAA-R7 · Bluetooth System-on-Chip
Brain of the BlueIO832 Mini.

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