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A powerful, no-code, app-enabled Bluetooth data communication system based on the Nordic® nRF52832 SoC

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BlueIO832-Mini and the free BlueIOWizard mobile app are an educational, open source Bluetooth kit, and the heart of the I-SYST BlueIO ecosystem. It lets you control and easily learn about your microcontrollers & electronics without needing to write complex firmware. Experiment with new sensors or other devices without writing any code, and go from proof of concept to product design in record time.

BlueIO832-Mini Demo

BlueIO832-Mini and the BlueIOWizard mobile app function as a powerful Bluetooth data bridge and data terminal, respectively. This versatile Internet-of-Thing (IoT) framework enables users, from their mobile device (such as a smart phone), to remotely communicate with an electronics device through an easy plug-and-play interface. Simply connect a sensor to BlueIO, select the sensor on the app and let them talk. After connecting to the target device via a desired serial interface, BlueIO832-Mini streams the data on that physical interface to the BlueIO mobile app over Bluetooth® 5.

Built-In App-Configurable Features

BlueIO832-Mini provides four built-in app-configurable data communication features:

BlueIO832-Mini can be used as an IoT embedded development kit for developing the user’s own firmware by using Nordic® SDK. However, we recommend you use our open source library IOsonata, which is built upon the Nordic® SDK, for faster and easier developing of firmware for the BlueIO832-Mini and any other Nordic® nRF52x SoC-based embedded system.

Features & Specifications

Open Source

Our open source library allows users to quickly develop custom firmware. Example firmware source code is available for various use cases. Demo App source code provided for Android, iOS, and OSX. Schematics are available.

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About the Team

I-SYST inc.

Brossard, Canada  ·  i-syst.com

Provider of Wireless connectivity, Smart Sensor & IoT Solutions

Nguyen Hoan Hoang


Jonathan Albrecht

Director of operations

Manh Tai Ho

PhD Software Engineering

Tran Duy Thinh

PhD Software Engineering

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