The finger-tip sized ARM Cortex-M4F module with BT 5, BT Mesh, and 30 I/O

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Feb 21, 2019

Project update 8 of 13

ICM-20948 Stock Shortage

There is a stock shortage of the ICM-20948. The availability for this chip is in the mid-March time frame.

Unfortunately this means that we won’t be able to assemble the Sensor boards until the end of March. For those backers who have ordered the Sensor boards or the BLYST Nano Exploration Kit - we apologize for this delay.

Any orders including the Sensor board will ship in early April. Again, we apologize again for the delays, and appreciate your understanding! Please reach out if you have any questions or want to adjust your order in any way. As always, you can check your order details and more within your Crowd Supply account.

We do have the BLYST Nano modules and other accessories available to ship now, so any orders that don’t contain the Sensor board will continue shipping.

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