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Dec 19, 2023

Project update 8 of 10

Community Builds, Validation, and Production Timeline

by The ZimaBlade Team

Check out these ZimaBlade builds by community members.

Hard Drive Brackets

Here’s a 3D-printed ZimaBlade desk cluster by Geoff "sabi" Palmer:

This bracket is by John:

And here is IceWhale’s official hard drive bracket:

TrueNAS Validation

Quick Start
Detailed Instructions

Step 1: Download the image file

Step 2: Make a USB installation disk using Rufus. Select the USB disk device, and add the ISO file.

Step 3: Install TrueNas on ZimaBlade.

Select eMMC installation
Set password
Select UEFI boot mode

Step 4: Determine your IP address

Step 5: Log in

Now you can use TrueNAS on your ZimaBlade!

Windows and Synology Validations from the Community

ZimaBlade makers are active in our community. If you are interested in their builds, you’re welcome to interact with them and join the discussion at the Icewhale Community Forum.

Production Timeline

The first ZimaBlade mass production run of 3,000 units is currently underway and expected to complete this month. Testing, packaging, and shipping to Mouser’s warehouse will soon follow. We are still on track to deliver this first batch by the end of January.

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