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Nov 14, 2023

Project update 7 of 10

ZimaOS Open Beta and Latest Progress

by The ZimaBlade Team

Pro Version OS Product - ZimaOS

The 200-piece trial production run has completed. We plan to start the first mass production run this month. Alongside the manufacturing of ZimaBlade, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of software development. We are thrilled to introduce our Pro version OS product: ZimaOS!

ZimaOS is designed to meet the needs of professional application scenarios, combining the convenience and stability of CasaOS with a wider range of professional domain functionality. It aims to provide an upgraded version of network tools and lightweight AI for specialized niche scenarios.

We installed ZimaOS on ZimaBlade and gave the new features a try for a hands-on experience. Here are the recordings:

ZimaOS Open for Testing!

To ensure that ZimaOS meets the highest standards of performance, security, and user-friendliness, we are opening ZimaOS for testing! As a very first user, you’ll have the unique opportunity to be among the first to experience ZimaOS before its official release. Your valuable suggestions and feedback will directly shape our final product.

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