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Oct 11, 2023

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Introduction to CasaOS & Campaign Extension

by The ZimaBlade Team

We’ve been hard at work improving CasaOS, your personal cloud OS that comes preinstalled on ZimaBlade. We also have a lot more to show off, so are extending the campaign to the end of the month.

Campaign Extension

In consultation with Crowd Supply, we’ve decided to extend the ZimaBlade campaign from October 12 to October 31. Critically, this won’t affect our production schedule or delivery dates, but it will give us more of a chance to show off more features and continue to gather valuable feedback from backers. Let us know if you have any questions!

CasaOS: Your Personal Cloud OS Preinstalled on ZimaBlade

CasaOS, a clean and streamlined operating system, comes preinstalled with your ZimaBlade device. Developed with the IceWhale open-source community, CasaOS offers a refreshing alternative to traditional operating systems. It is exceptionally lightweight and user-friendly, allowing for a seamless and hassle-free experience.

With just a click, you can access a diverse range of 50+ official apps and an impressive selection of nearly 400 third-party apps. Worth mentioning here is that most of the third-party applications were built by our community contributors.

How CasaOS Empowers ZimaBlade

One of the standout features of CasaOS is its compatibility with various systems based on any X86 architecture. This means you have the freedom to install the operating system of your choice, without being limited by manufacturer constraints. Furthermore, CasaOS supports the installation of third-party systems like UNRAID, openmediavault, and TrueNAS, liberating you from traditional vendor lock-in. Explore the vast possibilities that await you!

Equipped with a high-performance quad-core Intel processor and up to 16G DDR memory extension, the combination of ZimaBlade and CasaOS is ready to handle a wide range of tasks efficiently. Install applications such as OpenWRT, HomeAssistant, Plex, and more to transform your device into a multi-functional hub for routing, smart home, media streaming, and beyond. CasaOS truly provides exceptional computing power and ample memory space to meet your diverse needs.

Native Docker Integration Support

CasaOS Version 0.4.4 is preinstalled in ZimaBlade. Future shipped versions will come with a proprietary system that includes "Remote Access Anytime And Anywhere" features. And of course, we’ll feed you updated info on future versions.

Among the notable enhancements are the introduction of a brand new application store and a more convenient format for developers to showcase their apps using Docker Compose. These advancements not only enhance the functionality of CasaOS but also provide developers with an enriched platform for active participation within the ecosystem.

With the integration of native Docker support, developers now have a robust and versatile tool at their disposal. This native support empowers developers to effortlessly create and showcase their applications, while Docker Compose further streamlines the process by enabling the definition and management of complex multi-container applications with ease.

In the brief period since the release of v0.4.4, our committed developers have made remarkable contributions, introducing numerous new applications. This wave of innovation has greatly expanded the CasaOS ecosystem, providing users with a wide array of cutting-edge solutions to address a variety of needs and preferences.

More tech details are available in our GitHub repo.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch. And, if you haven’t ordered your own ZimaBlade yet, there’s still time left!

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