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Oct 24, 2023

Project update 6 of 10

Production Progress & Retro-Gaming

by The ZimaBlade Team

Latest Production Progress

Twenty new samples are expected to be produced within the next day or two, at which point we will fully test them. A 3,000-unit mass production run is planned to finish on the 30th of November.

Check Out the ZimaBlade Retro-Gaming Demo!

When we positioned ZimaBlade, we found that many retro-game enthusiasts really needed a basic mini-PC to run their games. Therefore, we conducted thorough testing of several classic retro-games on our earliest samples. With the results of this testing, we are proud to present ZimaBlade as a reliable and powerful mini-PC that faithfully brings retro-games to life.

Experience the ultimate retro-gaming journey with Zimablade and indulge in the nostalgia of classic games from the 20th century. The journey of ZimaBlade and its connection to the retro-gaming community is just beginning and we are excited to be part of this incredible adventure.

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