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Oct 27, 2021

Project update 9 of 12

Testing Update

by Jason V

All of DFC’s production parts are here, and we’re so excited to show you how they came out. You can see how the final case design looks in the first photo and the electronic "guts" of DFC are shown in the next one.

While we dearly wanted to announce that they were on their way to Crowd Supply this week for distribution to you, there’s one thing we need to address first. Don’t worry though, it’s a minor hiccup, and we have a fix in the works. The good news is, with the fix, DFC is working great and we’ll be shipping it out in about three weeks.

We’re sorry for the delay but please know that we’re working hard to get DFC to you as fast as we can.

For those that like to know all the details here’s the story.

TL;DR We thought we escaped from the beasts of the supply chain, but we tripped and they got one more nibble.

After finding stock for all the parts this summer and feeling great about getting DFC into production, it turns out we were too hasty in selecting one of the alternative parts. The part is the voltage regulator, it’s what takes the input voltage from the USB cable and converts it down to the level the electronics need. We waited and waited to see if the original part we used in the prototypes would come back in stock, but to start production on-time we had to find an alternative. While the alternative meets the electrical requirements that DFC needs and is the same size and shape as the original, it just so happens to have its three pins in a different order. That’s not going to work - ugh!

Luckily, the original part is now back in stock so the fix is straightforward - replace it with that. We had a few of the original parts on hand, so we tested the swap and found that DFC works as expected (phew!).

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