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An open source multi-channel hand-tracking interface for music, art, and more

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Quadrant is a human-computer interface based on an array of distance sensors. The device consists of 4 time-of-flight sensors and is specifically designed to detect the position, velocity, and orientation of the user’s hand in free space. On-board signal processing is used to recognize gestures and other events, and these values can be mapped to a variety of musical parameters in software as well as hardware synthesizers. Quadrant has USB, CV, and hardware-MIDI outputs, so you can connect it to your computer, your analog synthesizer, or any other compatible equipment.

Quadrant Demo

Check out these demos of how Quadrant can be used to send CV and MIDI signals for dynamic gestural control.

Produce Interactive Art, Music, and More

Quadrant is great for creating generative computer music, controlling your DAW, interacting with DJ software, and playing with Max MSP and Pure Data. Directly control your analog synths over CV or MIDI - no laptop required! Or think visually for unique VJ control, LED lighting, and video synthesizers. It’s even capable of gesture recognition: swipe left, swipe right, trigger events with beam crossings and more.

Quadrant is fully open source and Arduino compatible (official library here). We’ve wrapped all the low-level functionality and tight timing code into a simple API, so you can get started right away using Quadrant for whatever you imagine.

Features & Specifications

QuadrantMIDI BlasterTap Strap 2Theremini
ManufacturerInterstitialThis is NoiseTapMoog
Number of Channels4 4 5 2
Range55 cm 25 cm N/A25 cm
Resolution1 mm 2 mm N/AN/A
Sample Rate43 Hz 4 Hz N/AN/A
USB OutYes Yes Yes Yes
MIDI OutYes Yes No Yes
MIDI InYes No No Yes
CV OutYes No No Yes
GPIO channels4 0 0 0
Gesture RecognitionYes No Yes No
Daisy ChainableYes No No No
Open HardwareYes No No No
Arduino CompatibleYes No No No
Price$ $$ $$ $$$$

Fully Open Source

We’re proud to have Quadrant certified open-source by the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA ID US002560! You can find the hardware, firmware, and application software on GitHub:

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"The [Quadrant] consists of four time-of-flight sensors and is specifically designed to detect the position, velocity, and orientation of the user’s hand in free space."

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