RGGBer Embedded Vision Development Kit

by Jie Zou

An open source, modular, FPGA-based development kit that makes embedded vision design easy and affordable.

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A Brief History of the RGGBer Project

We’re very happy to announce that RGGBer is fully funded! We want to thank everyone who gave feedback and pledged. Thank you for helping to make RGGBer a reality. To commemorate this milestone, we’re going to take a look back at the development history of the project.

We conceived of RggBer back in October, 2015. Since then, the team has completed three prototypes, each one improving usability, extensibility, and affordability.

We completed the first prototype in January 2016. Its purpose was to build on our experience with video stream transmission and verify our circuit designs. As we debugged the hardware, we realized that configuring the CIS and EDID via the FPGA wasn’t working well due to long re-compilation times for even small code changes.

RGGBer Rev.1

The second prototype, completed in April 2016, added an MCU for general board level settings, which brought compilation times down to around five seconds. This prototype also included many improvements to the base-board. We also wrote the Android app using this hardware.

RGGBer Rev.2

The third prototype was completed in November, 2016. Its most significant improvement is a new fully customized FPGA core board. Previous prototypes used a third-party FPGA, which increased costs and couldn’t provide support for a high-speed LVDS interface.

We also added new features like the iXHis interface. This version also added the iXCtrl interface on the imaging base-board to enhance control capabilities.

Jie Zou RGGBer team

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Nov 05 2017

Product Choices


FPGA Processor Board

There are two FPGA chip options. The EP4CE30F23C6N supports 400 Mbps x 32 bits DDR2 date rate and EP4CE30F23C8N supports 332 Mbps x 32 bits DDR2 date rate.


Video Mainboard

HDMI input and output, MCU, wireless module, expansion ports, etc.


Camera Module

OV5640 sensor chip: 60° view angle, supports Auto-focus; OV5640 sensor chip: 120° view angle


QVGA LCD Monitor Add-on Card

Connect an LCD monitor. Supports LQ035NC111, backlight LED control, iXHis interface


QVGA LCD Monitor

LCD Monitor LQ035NC111


HD Camera Dev Kit

This kit includes the components used for typical digital camera development. It includes the FPGA processor board, video mainboard, OV5640 AF camera module, USB cable, HDMI cable, and storage box.


VPU Card Dev Kit

The kit includes the components needed for typical Video Processing Unit (VPU) card development. It includes the FPGA processor board, video mainboard, USB cable, two HDMI cables, and a storage box.


Multi-Camera/ADAS Dev Kit

This kit contains the components needed for typical multi-camera or ADAS project development. It includes two FPGA processor boards, two video mainboards, two OV5640 AF camera modules, two USB cables, two HDMI cables, an HDMI type C FPC cable, and a storage box.


Complete RGGBer Dev Kit

This kit bundles together all of the things! It includes the FPGA processor board, video mainboard, OV5640 AF camera module, USB cable, two HDMI cables, HDMI type C FPC cable, storage box, QVGA LCD add-on card, LQ035NC111 LCD, accessories kit, and acrylic case.


Acrylic Case

1 x Laser-cut acrylic case for RGGBer, 4 x screws, 4 x studs


USB Cable

USB type A to mini-USB cable, 0.5 m.


HDMI Cable

HDMI type A to type C cable, 1.0 m.


HDMI Type C, FPC Cable

HDMI type C to type C, FPC cable, 0.2 m. For connecting multiple RGGBers together.


Jie Zou

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Jie Zou

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