RGGBer Embedded Vision Development Kit

An open source, modular, FPGA-based development kit that makes embedded vision design easy and affordable.

Oct 26, 2017

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Use case: entry-level ADAS

ADAS block diagram

You can use RGGBer to test and prototype an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) to verify various algorithms, functionality, etc. The hardware set-up is the same as for a multi-camera network. With two cameras attached to the vehicle and a monitor in the interior, the RGGBer’s can be controlled and accessed with the Android App. Industrial strength suction cups can be used as a temporary mount for the RGGBer’s, but obviously something sturdier and stronger must be rigged for real-world road testing.

How to connect a MIPI camera module to RGGBer

Many camera modules use MIPI output. To connect one to RGGBer, you’ll need a MIPI to DVP adaptor board.

We’ve created a reference design for such a board based on the TC358746, bridge chip that can convert MIPI CSI-2 to parallel port supported by RGGBer. We’ve shared all the necessary documentation for this reference design so that RGGBer users can quickly and easily create an adaptor board as needed.

Jie Zou
RGGBer team

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