A phase-coherent software-defined radio with five RTL-SDRs

Jun 24, 2022

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June Shipping Update & Pricing Change

by KrakenRF Inc

This is just a quick update to notify customers that the first batch of KrakenSDR is now beginning to ship! At the time of writing, 300 units have already been shipped to the Mouser warehouse, and Mouser has started shipping them to backers. We want to extend a massive thank you to all pre-order customers for being patient during the COVID delays, supply shortages, and lockdowns we’ve experienced over the past year.

The remaining 700 units are now being palletized, and are due to leave the factory this week on an air freight shipment. We expect the freighting and customs clearance process to take about 10 days. The units will then have one final QC check in the USA before being shipped to the Mouser warehouses. This will add another one to two weeks. When Mouser receives the stock it then takes about one to two weeks to receive and ship out individual units. The total shipping process is a bit slow, so we thank you for your patience. Customers will receive a shipping confirmation email from Mouser once the unit is on the way to your address.

Please confirm your shipping address on your Crowd Supply account page:

For any requests to change a shipping address, please contact Crowd Supply:

Second Batch

If your unit was ordered later in the campaign, and is one in the second batch of 1000, you will unfortunately need to wait a little longer. However, we have already begun the production process of the second batch, and we’re expecting this batch to come through the system a lot faster, assuming no lockdowns occur like during the first batch production.

Price Increase

Now that we are leaving the pre-order stage, we are announcing that we must raise the pricing of the KrakenSDR to $399. We’re sure that most people have already heard this inflation story many times from other companies, and unfortunately for us it’s no different. The price was always going to have to increase after the discounted pre-order stage, but now it’s especially important, as since last year when we started the crowdfunding campaign, we’ve seen all sorts of business and productions costs increase substantially.

Documentation Updates

The online documentation is now available in the krakensdr_docs GitHub repo wiki at

It is mostly complete, but additional information will slowly be added over time as we get feedback from customers on what is missing.

Software Updates

Our core DSP engineer is now working on advanced Passive Radar enhancements, like target tracking, and passive radar direction finding. This is a major task that we expect will take a few months before there are any big updates to report on.

Work on our networking capable direction finding solution is also continuing. We’re a bit behind schedule on the beta release of this software, but the team is working hard on getting it up and running soon.

Antenna Set Shipments

The antenna sets will ship separately from the KrakenSDR, and we expect them to be ready to ship to Mouser within the next couple of weeks.

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