A phase-coherent software-defined radio with five RTL-SDRs

Aug 09, 2022

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Shipping Status Updates

by KrakenRF Inc

Just updating everyone on the shipping status of KrakenSDR.

All KrakenSDR units ordered by backers are currently at the Crowd Supply warehouse, and many have already shipped. The antennas are currently en route, and are expected to arrive at the Mouser warehouse next week.

We have had a few questions about why some backers KrakenSDR units have already shipped out from Mouser yet others haven’t yet. If you purchased both a KrakenSDR and Antenna set, and selected that your items ship together, then this could cause a fulfillment delay due to the antenna set shipments lagging behind the KrakenSDR. You may be able to contact Crowd Supply to change this setting, however with the antennas soon to arrive, we don’t expect a much longer wait.

When you receive your units, please remember to check out the quickstart guide on the documentation wiki for information on getting up and running quickly.

Other Updates

We are still quietly chugging along on the networked mapping software, and work on the advanced passive radar code continues at a regular pace too. Bug fixes and minor features are continually being added to the KrakenSDR DOA software, and we also wanted to thank the third party contributors who have already been submitting pull requests to our open source code. We have no major updates on software features to provide just yet, but when we have something interesting to share, we will be sure to make an update.

We are also sketching out and prototyping ideas for fixed size arrays, dome enclosures and a downconverter for the higher frequencies. At the same time, we are also working on qualifying the performance and reliability of single board computers other than the Raspberry Pi 4 such as the Orange Pi 4.

Work on more tutorials and demonstration videos has been hampered by poor weather and illness (it has been a cold and winter sickness filled few months in New Zealand!), but please keep an eye out, as those will be worked on within the next couple of months.

Soon our official website at will also be ready (at the moment this points to the Crowd Supply page).

We also want to share a presentation by Corey Koval who has created the DF-Aggregator software, which is a third party KerberosSDR ad KrakenSDR compatible mapping program. His talk was a part of the South Indian SDR Users Group Live Stream, and in the video his talk starts at 1:27:40.

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