A phase-coherent software-defined radio with five RTL-SDRs

Jan 13, 2023

Project update 19 of 21

New Year Update & Customer Survey

by KrakenRF Inc

This is just a short update on new developments, and to wish everyone belated happy holidays.

Also, we have now totally sold out of stock on Crowd Supply and Mouser! But the next production is a large one, and we’re expecting it to be ready in March, so the wait is hopefully not too long.


We would like to extend a survey out to our customers and anyone interested. We’re looking for information on what people are using the KrakenSDR for, and what sort of improvements, software, and accessory products they would like to see in the future.

If you are willing to participate, please click this like to access the survey:

Minor Enclosure Design Change

For the 2023 batch, there is one minor redesign we’re doing to the enclosure, which is to add protection ‘wings’ to the front. We’ve seen the KrakenSDR being used in some rough settings, and this will better protect the SMA ports against drops and things bumping into them.

New Antenna Arrays Coming in 2023

We are also working on a new portable dipole antenna array for direction finding. This is currently in the early stages of prototyping, but we’re aiming for a product that has telescoping arms, allowing for various radius sizes to be set on the fly. Keep an eye out in 2023 for more news on this array!

Raspberry Pi 4 Availability

We also wanted to note that Raspberry Pi 4 should be slowly trickling back into stock across resellers, according to an update from the Pi Foundation, which is good news for KrakenSDR owners, since a Pi 4 is the recommend computing device.

We have also been testing alternative devices, like the Orange Pi 4 (OPI4). The OPI4 works very well with the KrakenSDR, however we have been having some issues developing a ready to use image for it (unrelated to anything KrakenSDR). We also have a recently released Orange Pi 5 device on the way, which we will test as soon as it arrives. All tested and working computing devices will be listed on our Wiki -> Appendix -> Tested Devices page.

We are also looking at ways to easily remotely power KrakenSDR and computing devices that may be mast mounted using power over Ethernet (POE). However, POE can be quite noisy. Solutions are being sought, and we have ideas on how to mitigate the noise.

Field Reports

We’ve also seen a great story on YouTube where someone made use of a KrakenSDR to determine the location of a malicious person who was jamming an amateur radio GMRS repeater.

Over on our forums we’ve also seen some really impressive custom car mounts being displayed on this thread.

Another customer ‘tskauli’ has also been working on a modified antenna spacing template for our Krakentenna set, which can be 3D printed. Tskauli has uploaded two designs to Thingiverse, one that can be used as a car roof mount guide, and one that can be mounted on a mast.

There is also another 3D printed mount from ‘millerontap’ on Thingiverse.

Over on Twitter @aromond2001 has also been working on very polished wooden array spacer.

Software Updates

Most of our team has taken a holiday over the Christmas and New Year periods, but we do expect to begin working on the Cloud Mapper again early in the new year. Various new features will be heading to the core software too in 2023, as well as new example use-cases, so please keep an eye out for the updates which we will be aiming to provide at least every three months.

Happy Belated Holidays!

Finally we wanted to thank every one for their support this year, and hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday season.

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