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Nov 07, 2016

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Attention snickerdoodlers,

The day has FINALLY arrived… We are happy (and relieved) to announce that snickerdoodle production has commenced!

As of today (Monday, November 7th), 2000 Rev. 4 snickerdoodle PCBs are “in process"…500 of which are scheduled to arrive at our CM next week. The reason for the 500/1500 break is we decided to have these first 500 boards fabricated onshore (at a 450% premium out of our own pockets) so we could get as many units out the door as soon as possible.

This first build will be made up of a split between snickerdoodles and snickerdoodle blacks (both “up” and “down” connector orientations). The snickerdoodles will be trailing slightly behind – we are still awaiting delivery of the final component (the 7010 Zynq) – but once everything arrives, it will kick off the two-week assembly process (plus a couple days or so for testing, logistics, fulfillment, etc.), placing the first shipments right around the end of the month.

As an aside, if you are interested in upgrading from snickerdoodle to snickerdoodle black for the free SDSoC license (plus the whole ‘3x the programmable logic, 25 additional I/O, 30% faster ARM, and 5GHz Wi-Fi’ thing), this is your last chance! The upgrade is $100 and all you need to do is email us and let us know!

Free SDSoC license with snickerdoodle black

No doubt your next question is: _"When do I get MY board?"_ Well, the boards will be going out in a few waves. In the coming weeks, we’ll be reaching back out to figure out who would prefer to receive their entire order at once vs. receiving a partial shipment (and pay extra shipping charges). We will of course do our absolute best to accommodate everyone’s request, but the default will be to ship orders according to when they were placed. You will know your order has shipped when you receive a shipping confirmation email from Crowd Supply. This email will contain a tracking number. In the meantime, please log in to your Crowd Supply account to double check and/or update your shipping address, as we’ll soon need to freeze the shipping addresses for the first wave.

As far as accessories, baseboards, etc. go: the breakyBreakys have been started; the baseboard headers, jumpers, heat sinks, and jumpers are all ready to go; the new piSmasher and giggleBits schematics have been completed (and are headed to layout); and we have a couple new products brewing that we’ll be announcing/rolling out in the near future.

It’s finally happening. Your unwavering patience and support are about to be rewarded. Get excited.

Patiently waiting,

the krtkl crew

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