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Nov 21, 2016

Project update 29 of 60

snickerdoodle production update

Howdy snickerdoodlers,

Time for another status update:

The first build is still underway… While we weren’t able to nail the one-week turnaround we were hoping for on the onshore fabs, we do expect assembly to be a GO starting no later than Monday, November 28 (with Thanksgiving pushing things out a couple extra days). Regardless, it’s (relatively) ‘smooth sailing’ for the time being.

We will be building first articles – five of each variant – and running them through the ringer to make sure everything tests out before running the balance. As you may recall from the last update, this first build will consist of 500 units, with the subsequent build covering the rest of the preorders (the fabs for which have a confirmed delivery date of December 16)…with a few units to spare! We’re doing our absolute best to get as many of you your snickerdoodles by Christmas as possible, but it’s going to be pretty tight. Either way, "mastering snickerdoodle” will certainly make for a great 2017 New Year’s resolution!

That’s about it for now – short & sweet. Be sure to stay tuned for more news on delivery schedules, as well as some exciting new product announcements…

The day is nigh,

the krtkl crew

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