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Dec 02, 2016

Project update 30 of 60

Production progress

Season’s Greetings, snickerdoodlers!

Nothing earth shattering to report, but figured you’d appreciate a quick update on the build progress:

We’re slated to have first article snickerdoodles by the end of next week. As previously mentioned, the plan is to drive over to our CM to perform a full run-through of the boards before giving the "thumbs up” to the balance of the 500pc build, which at that point should only take another week to wrap up and ship out. In other words: if all goes according to plan, at least some people will be getting their snickerdoodles in time for Christmas! Again, we’ll reach out in the coming days to nail down whose boards will be shipping out when.

As far as the balance of the build goes (the 1500 remaining pieces, the fabs for which are still on track to arrive mid-December): there’s been a big influx in DDR demand recently – which is expected to last through Q1 2017 – so RAM has been a bit hard to come by… We’re working with our distributor to see what we can get pulled in so we can complete out the rest of the build in a timely manner.

piSmasher and giggleBits are still forthcoming; schematics are done, just working through the current layout backlog… We are hoping to be able to send those out for fab by the end of the calendar year.

We will have some news about general snickerdoodle availability and an upgrade to an existing accessory in the next update.


the krtkl crew

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