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Sep 14, 2018

Project update 55 of 60

Big piSmasher news! Also: snickerdoodles and cookieJars


Our sincere apologies for the lengthy delay in providing this update. We were holding out for some good (and tangible) news… which is exactly what we have!


As of today (Friday, September 14, 2018), we have officially received the first delivery of production piSmashers!!! Some weeks back we received the first articles from our contract manufacturer, and the boards passed our functional test suite with flying colors. We are now going through the arduous process of testing the rest of the batch (240 units), after which boards will finally be delivered to Crowd Supply for fulfillment.

It is probably worth mentioning that if you have an open piSmasher order and you still haven’t yet completed the online form, now would be a good time to do so.

We have more PCBs on the way and another piSmasher production run in the queue, so if you’ve been holding out for the boards to be readily available before ordering, you might consider getting an order in now to secure your spot in line.

In the meantime, you can check out our GitHub repo for the latest piSmasher software resources. We will be uploading new documentation and downloads to our website in the coming weeks.


The last of the preordered snickerdoodle blacks are all but ready to be assembled, pending delivery of one final component (the radios). So these are tantalizingly close.

We’ve also recently received several questions regarding the "End of Life" designation listed on Mouser’s snickerdoodle prime LE product page. While it is true that the prime LE is being obsoleted (as this was always intended to be a one-time "Limited Edition" run), snickerdoodle as a whole is NOT being End of Life’d. In fact, we have a SOM Lifecycle letter posted on our website explaining the long-term availability guarantees we are providing so people can feel confident about designing snickerdoodle into new products.


We just received the latest cookieJars, which are looking beautiful! These will be on their way to Crowd Supply for fulfillment next week and we’ll be placing a larger order to cover the remainder of the pre-ordered enclosures shortly thereafter.

That should cover everything. Remember, you can always check the status of your order on your Crowd Supply account page and you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number from Crowd Supply when your order ships..

Should you have any questions, email us or post in the forum.

More soon,
the krtkl crew

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