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Dec 05, 2018

Project update 56 of 60

The Home Stretch

Hello snickerdoodlers,

Long time no talk…

We’ve been pretty busy the last few months getting new hardware out and taking steps to bring snickerdoodle mainstream. There have also been some exciting company developments worth mentioning (more on this at the end).

By now, many of you should have received your hardware and we hope you’re enjoying it! For those of you who haven’t received your order or are still waiting on a couple items, here are some updates:

snickerdoodle one – the few remaining snickerdoodle one preorders will be fulfilled when we deliver the next batch of snickerdoodles to Crowd Supply (est. mid-January), at which point they will be an “In Stock” item on the snickerdoodle campaign page.

snickerdoodle black – the connectors down boards have all been delivered to Crowd Supply and are now in stock; the connectors up boards are on the same track as the snickerdoodle ones.

breakyBreaky – these are currently in stock at Crowd Supply.

piSmasher – these are on roughly the same delivery schedule as the snickerdoodle ones. Note: if for some reason you still haven’t completed the piSmasher form, please do so HERE. As mentioned and reiterated in previous updates, your order will not be fulfilled if you do not complete the form.

cookieJar – we’re going to see if we can get these out by the end of December, at which time they will be in stock on Crowd Supply.

And to answer one question we’ve (understandably) been getting a lot:

Mouser has an End of Life notice for snickerdoodle – is it being discontinued?

NO. We realize this is very confusing and disconcerting, but rest assured only the snickerdoodle Prime LE (which was a Limited Edition run) is being ‘discontinued.’ We will continue to manufacture and sell snickerdoodle one and snickerdoodle black for a long time to come. Please refer to the SoM Lifecycle statement posted on our website.

Regarding future availability, we’re looking forward to announcing our first major North American distributor deal later this month, so stay tuned for that with Europe and Asia to hopefully follow in 2019.

In other news, krtkl was recently announced as one of the winners of the Poland Prize and has been participating in the program since mid-October. And this week – as a result of winning the regional (San Francisco) semi-final – krtkl will be pitching on stage as one of the finalists of the THero/Brinc ‘China Ready’ competition in Guangzhou, China. Wish us luck!

For future company/product updates, we will start sending out direct email announcements so we hope you stay on board long after the Crowd Supply chapter of our story has come to an end…

Thanks for your continued patience and faith, everyone. Like we promised, even if it took longer than expected and shaved a few extra years off our lives, we will deliver.

Plenty more to come,

the krtkl crew

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