A reconfigurable Linux computer that connects to the real world: ARM + FPGA + Wi-Fi + 180 I/O

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Mar 19, 2019

Project update 57 of 60

The Finale

The time has finally come.
By this time next month, we will have shipped the last of _all_ snickerdoodles, breakyBreakys, piSmashers, and cookieJars ordered through Crowd Supply. Aside from some accessories (e.g. jumpers, SD cards) – which are in the works and will be delivered shortly thereafter – this will close the book on our crowdfunding efforts. 
It has been quite a ride with many lessons learned along the way. When we have time, we’ll document some of our "dos and don’ts" to help future creators thinking about launching new hardware products.  Early struggles aside, we’ve managed to set snickerdoodle up for solid growth in the years to come. Along those lines…we’re excited to announce a distribution partnership with Mouser Electronics. Effective immediately, select krtkl products are being stocked for same-day shipping and global delivery. Currently, this includes snickerdoodle black (down), piSmasher, and breakyBreaky, for which all Crowd Supply orders have already been filled, or will be in the near future. We’ll add new products to Mouser as they become available. Going forward, we’ll be keeping everyone updated on new snickerdoodle projects, product announcements, and other news. We hope you’ll stick around to contribute to the snickerdoodle community.
Should you have any questions or concerns about an open order, please reach out to us at And be sure to check out our resources page for downloads, tutorials, forums, and other helpful links.
– the krtkl crew

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