A Software-Definable RF Front End Module for LimeSDR Platforms

Nov 12, 2021

Project update 23 of 24

Now In Stock & New RF Filter Bank Demo

by Ebrahim B

It’s been a long road, but LimeRFE is finally in stock! Quantities are limited, but we’ve managed to avoid any show-stopping supply chain problems with LimeRFE and can continue manufacturing them in small batches. We’re also excited to share a video demo of a new software-controlled frontend filter bank (a.k.a. preselector).

Thank you everyone for your patience and support along the way to getting LimeRFE out into the world! We hope to be in touch soon with more exciting news.

New Software-Controllable Frontend Filter Bank

The ATEK1001 is a software controlled sub-octave filter bank or "preselector" that covers a frequency range of 485-7700 MHz in seven bands, and has a bypass mode that can be used for full bypass, or alternatively to engage additional external filtering. The video below demonstrates the preselector in action with a LimeNET Micro. See the ATEK1001 project page for more details.

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