LimeSDR Mini 2.0

An open, full-duplex, USB stick software-defined radio

Jun 22, 2022

Project update 3 of 9

GNU Octave Demo

by Andrew Back
Screenshot showing GNU Octave and LimeSDR Mini 2.0

We’ve been asked whether applications which were used with the first version of LimeSDR Mini would also work with LimeSDR Mini 2.0. The answer to which is, yes, the LimeSDR Mini 2.0 uses the exact same LMS7002M transceiver, Lime Suite software, and API as the v1 board, and, in fact, the whole LimeSDR family of boards.

In this demo, we show a LimeSDR Mini 2.0 being used with GNU Octave, courtesy of the plugin which is provided as part of Lime Suite. The SDR transmit and receive ports are cabled together for the demo and when the Octave program is executed, received data is first displayed in the time domain, following which an FFT is calculated and displayed. A short video is provided below where you can see this in action.

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