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May 11, 2017

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Digital GPS Signal Repeater System

We are thrilled to see that commercial applications based upon LimeSDR are already being developed. Microlab was able to quickly evaluate and modify the LimeSDR board to suit their application, which shows what can be achieved in a short period of time when technology gets in the hands of innovators with full access to design files, drivers and APIs.

Microlab’s digital GPS repeater system can be used for cellular communications UTC synchronization, along with indoor GPS rebroadcasting for locations where the GPS signals are not readily available. The system is built with Microlab’s patent-pending Digital SkyTiming Technology™ offering industry-first GPS signal transmission via CPRI for highly accurate timing and location. The system uses a custom embedded circuit card based on the LimeSDR board family. This card is located in both the outdoor remote unit and the indoor head-end, to convert the RF to digital to CPRI and back to RF. The system offers extremely high reliability, with built in redundancy for all features and functions. In addition, the system is accessible via HTTP and SNMP for remote control and monitoring.

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