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May 19, 2016

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EE, the UK's Largest and Most Innovative 4G Operator, Backs LimeSDR

We have some BIG developments.

EE, the UK’s largest operator and with the most innovative 4G deployment, is backing LimeSDR and supporting us to move forward our mission to leapfrog wireless innovation in the UK.

EE is supporting the campaign by signing up for our 100-unit bundle of LimeSDR + Aluminium Enclosure + Accessories. These 100 units will go to five UK universities nominated by EE. The universities will receive the kits to develop wireless applications on the hardware and share with the wider research community and encourage further open source innovation.

We have introduced a total of 20 such 100-unit bundles, each for $99,000. These bundles come with 100 customized enclosures with the sponsor organization logos, a complete LTE stack, evolved packet core solution, and all the accessories announced or to be announced throughout the campaign.

Exciting times ahead!

Thank you for being part of this campaign.

Ebrahim and the LimeSDR Team

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