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May 16, 2016

Project update 5 of 82

Gqrx Receives Amateur Radio and Weather Satellites

In a previous update we introduced the LimeSDR driver architecture and a blog post that Josh Blum had put together on this and its various components, including the APIs that give us plug-and-play compatibility with a vast array of existing SDR ecosystem software.

In a new post up on the Myriad-RF blog, Alexandru Csete takes us through his first experiences with LimeSDR and getting it to work with the popular SDR receiver application, Gqrx. Noting how, thanks to Josh’s work on the driver, this was simply a matter of configuring appropriate sample rate and bandwidth settings.

With this simple configuration out of the way, Alex was quickly able to verify operation by receiving FM radio stations, before then going on to receive signals from an amateur radio satellite some few thousand kilometres away. Following which he succeeded in receiving data from an NOAA weather satellite and extracting near infra-red and thermal infra-red images from this.

We’re sure you will agree, that this is a very cool demo indeed, demonstrating the power of the open source ecosystem and hinting at just some of the great many potential applications for LimeSDR.

Thanks for sharing your initial LimeSDR experiences with us, Alex!

Jessica and the LimeSDR team

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