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Jun 18, 2016

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GSM Base Station Demo

The latest demo that we have to share with you comes courtesy of Alexander Chemeris, CEO of Fairwaves, a company with many years experience building and deploying open source GSM network solutions. In a very short period of time, thanks to this experience and the first class driver infrastructure developed by Josh, Alexander was able to get the Osmocom GSM stack up and running with LimeSDR and demonstrate a call between two handsets.

Fairwaves are a key partner of Lime Micro, respected in the industry for their carrier grade open source BTS solutions and highly scalable deployments in Mexico and Africa. They integrated Lime RF ICs into their products right from the outset and we firmly believe that they have the most stable and innovative network solutions. Our partnership with Fairwaves is set to provide a solution for the great many communities across the world where affordable wireless communication is a distant dream today.

Finally, with just a few days of the campaign left to go, a few words from Ebrahim.

Jessica and the LimeSDR Team

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