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Jun 17, 2016

Project update 21 of 82

Fantastic Progress and a Look to the Future!

It’s the Friday before the final few days of the campaign, we hit 80% funding and $400,000 earlier today, and we’re still some way to go but it certainly feels like we can make it. As such, now seems like a great time to look back at achievements so far, with a look also towards the future.

So if we start by revisiting the uses for LimeSDR that we’ve shared during the campaign:

Not a bad start and even better when you consider that work on many of these — including the Pothos LoRa examples — didn’t even start until part way through the campaign. Of course, there are many more existing applications out there that should also be compatible with minimal changes.

The current LimeSDR hardware is by no means where the story ends and one board that we are able to share details of just now is an future add-on, that when used together with one of the current LimeSDR boards (USB 3.0 or PCIe) will extended coverage all the way up to 12GHz. Based on the LMS8001 up/down converter, the design files (KiCAD) can be found on GitHub, testing will commence later this year and we’re aiming for availability by the end of March 2017.

In a recently published video Ebrahim also provides an insight into the LimeSDR roadmap, showing amongst other things, a dual-LMS7002 PCIe board that provides 4x4 MIMO.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the campaign so far, put together great demos and helped to spread the word. It really does feel like we can make the target with your continued support and, if we do, this will only be the start of the journey!

Andrew and the LimeSDR Team

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