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May 11, 2016

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Micro USB Socket Version

You asked for it, we listened, and now we’re pleased to be able to offer a version of the LimeSDR board that is equipped with a micro USB 3.0 Type-B socket, instead of a full size Type-A plug.

We had in fact already created versions of the LimeSDR USB 3.0 design with each of these types of connectors, and a small number of both variants are already out in the field being put through their paces by key members of the open source community. However, while just one connector might seem like a trivial change, it does mean another inventory item with its own, admittedly very similar, yet distinct bill of materials, assembly process, and test harness.

If you already ordered a LimeSDR and want to keep the Type-A plug, you don’t need do anything. If you ordered a LimeSDR and want to change your order to include the micro USB Type-B socket, please email with your order number. Note that the socket version will not be available to those who have pledged for LimeSDR with Aluminium Kit, due to the fact that this enclosure has been designed around a full size Type-A plug.

Andrew and the LimeSDR team

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