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Jun 02, 2016

Project update 9 of 82

Ultimate LimeSDR Front-end Modules Stretch Goal

We’ve just added a stretch goal to the Ultimate LimeSDR With PCle Interface pledge tier and if this reaches 50 backers, the reward will now also include dual-channel PA and LNA modules, together with a set of eight SAW filters covering TX and RX on bands I, II, V and VII. However, please note that this tier is now capped at 100 packages and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

This combination brings with it an even greater level of flexibility, allowing custom solutions to be created for those applications that require greater transmit power, increased receive gain and/or filtering. It should be noted that the PA and LNA modules are both dual-channel, while the former also includes configurable tuners and can simply be programmed via a Micro USB interface.

As with all other Myriad-RF projects, the module designs, along with the associated firmware and software is all open source. For further details see the Myriad-RF blog post.

Jessica and the LimeSDR Team

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