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Jun 06, 2016

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HD Digital Video Broadcasting with LimeSDR

It’s just incredible what can be achieved today with open source software, thanks to the efforts of a global development community and the principle of “standing on the shoulders of giants”, whereby it’s possible to build on the work of others in order to achieve new and even greater things.

In the latest post up on the Myriad-RF blog, Alexandru Csete demonstrates how he was able to use the gr-dtv library — written by Ron Economos and others — for GNU Radio, to transmit a HDTV signal using the DVB-S2 broadcast standard. In the accompanying video we can see this signal then being received by a domestic satellite TV tuner and displayed via an attached monitor.

Once again, Alex notes how quickly he was able to get an existing SDR application up and running, with this simply being a matter of selecting the correct configuration parameters for the LimeSDR.

Thanks for another great demo, Alex!

Jessica and the LimeSDR Team

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