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Feb 02, 2017

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The Next 1,000 LimeSDR Boards

We have now packed another 1,000 units ready to go out to backers. The manufacturing and production test has been fully optimised and as Ebrahim mentioned in his message last week, we have now established reliable, high quality volume manufacture for the USB versions of LimeSDR. All the accessories, including the antennas, cables, and acrylic cases have already been sent to Crowd Supply, ready to be shipped out along with boards to our backers.

Unfortunately, we did experience a setback on the manufacture of the premium aluminium cases and after initial prototyping in the UK, the quality of manufactured parts fell short of our exacting standards. However, we have put in place a contract with a new manufacturer and they are doing all they can to expedite delivery. We should be able to give you an update on the revised schedule by the end of next week. Final assembly with the aluminium casing will now be at Lime headquarters in the UK, so as to save time and give our backers the very best possible out-of-box experience by also including the most up-to-date software.

Last but not least, we are on the final stage of testing with the PCIe version of the LimeSDR board. Due to the low quantity of orders compared to the USB version, it is necessary to do manual testing of each board. This will be completed by mid-next week and boards will be packaged in a rugged carry case, with all the accessories and the latest version of software on a memory stick. Please stay tuned as we continue to provide you with regular updates.

As before, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number once your order ships.

Andrew and the LimeSDR Team

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