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3D-Printable Accessory Parts Pack Download

by Alfredo Bonini

In this update we are happily releasing the open source 3D-printable accessory parts pack. It consists of six pieces: two models of bases, three models of covers and support for the Nema 8 upgrade.

If you have an idea for an accessory part or modification you need, please contact us!

Note: for the cover model A, 3 M3x6 screws and an acrylic laser cut piece (DXF file included) will also be required.

Base Model A

Base Model B

Cover Model A

Cover Model B

Full Cover (no base required)

Nema 8 support

Here is the full set of files:

Download "Lite3DPAccPackV0.0.Zip"

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Product Choices


Complete Kit

All the parts you need to build a Lite3DP. MicroSD card and 405 nm resin not included.


Extra Tray

One tray, ready to be assembled - includes: an injected plastic tray, steel frame, 4 screws, and FEP film. A second tray is great to have if you want to keep different resins separate for cleaning purposes.



Alfredo Bonini, Argentine mechanical engineer, 32 years old, great 3d printing enthusiast.

Alfredo Bonini

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