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Dec 23, 2020

Project update 5 of 12

3D-Printable Accessory Parts Pack Download

by Alfredo Bonini

In this update we are happily releasing the open source 3D-printable accessory parts pack. It consists of six pieces: two models of bases, three models of covers and support for the Nema 8 upgrade.

If you have an idea for an accessory part or modification you need, please contact us!

Note: for the cover model A, 3 M3x6 screws and an acrylic laser cut piece (DXF file included) will also be required.

Base Model A

Base Model B

Cover Model A

Cover Model B

Full Cover (no base required)

Nema 8 support

Here is the full set of files:

Download "Lite3DPAccPackV0.0.Zip"

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