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Dec 30, 2020

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[Video] 3D Print Custom Parts Without 3D Modeling!

by Alfredo Bonini

There is just one week left in the campaign! First of all, I want to thank you very much for your support. I am very happy about the reception of the campaign, and I hope that the kits that will be delivered fulfill all your expectations.

Custom parts without 3D modeling:

In addition to the normal workflow, in which we start from a 3D model and generate the sections, Lite3DP allows the possibility of “hacking” the sections that we print (unlike most current MSLA 3D printers, which use a print file without modification possibilities).

Since numbered images are used for printing (24-bit BMP format), we can simply draw the sections to generate a 3D model. In this way, custom parts can be manufactured, typically with steps in which the same section is repeated.

This feature is especially interesting for educational purposes and when you want to add volume to images without 3D modeling.

In the video we show the manufacture of a keychain based on an image with the text “Thank you!”. Around it we draw a base with the desired shape. Once we have the two images, we simply copy them the times that correspond to the desired height (multiples of 0.05 mm) and number them in an orderly and ascending way (1.bmp, 2.bmp, 3.bmp, etc.).

Note: For simplicity we have used MS Paint, but smoother edges can be obtained using anti-aliasing drawing applications.

Enjoy the video and have an Happy New Year!

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